Complimentary White Paper

POWER 2030 - A Bold Plan for Oral Health
Improving New Mexico for Dentists and Their Patients

Power 2030 provides bold ideas to direct oral health activities for the coming decade. It builds a foundation for a very different profession for which adaptation will be a rapid and regular feature. It builds upon some current trends and anticipates changes that are only currently being hinted at.

No one really knows what things will look like in 2030, but charting the future is not a spectator sport, it is an exercise in engineering. We must deal with the unforeseen, while building for a society that will evolve from our current condition.

Power 2030 presents fifteen proposals in five categories to create and prepare for the world at the end of this decade. This includes:

  • Prevention
  • Opportunities
  • Workforce
  • Education
  • Resources
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